We have a wide range of IT services for Staff and students which include:

      Computing Platform (Hardware): We provide all staff with relevant networked computing devices such as personal computers, printers, copy and scan devices, intercom (IP/Analogue), and any other associated devices. We also provides students with networked computing devices in various locations of the campus (Computer lab for each faculty and open access computers in the 6 libraries)
      Network Account: A unique username and password that gives you access to the University’s network infrastructure.
      Google Mail/APPs Account: A unique email address for each member of staff and student (Google Account) which integrated many services like Google Classroom, Drives, Calender, etc.
      Staff/Students Portal Account: The Staff and Students Portal which provides a personalised view of the University's internet resources, application, registration, assessment and course grades, class and examination timetables and many other useful links.
      Plagiarsim detection Software Account: A turnit account for each member of staff and students
      Open Access, Databases and eRepository Account: An account for each member of staff and students to enable them explore the digital resources for research and teaching.
      Personal and shared storage space on the University server.
      Free access to the University wireless network across the campus.
      IT advice and help 24/7.

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