Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot register?

      Go to registration and enter your complain
      Fill in the necessary fields and submit
      Await email on issue resolvement.

WIFI and internet access?


The internet at BAZE University is next to none, free wireless/wired internet of up to 10Mb/s download speed is enjoyed by all staff and students of the university via "BAZESPOT" hotspot around campus. The internet service works 24/7. In the case of interruptions email notifications are sent prior to the interruption and are usually resolved in less than 3 hours. In the case of light outs, there is a standby inverter that powers the internet facility for 7 hours minimum.


To connect to BAZE University internet ensure that your computer is connected to the wired or wireless network within the campus.

      Start your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc)
      If the BAZE University Internet Portal doesn't popup automatically, type on the address bar of your web browser
      BAZE University Internet Portal will come up and you will be required to enter your username and password.
      If you are Logged in, ensure to leave the login page open throughout your browsing sessions. Closing the login page will end your browsing session.

* If you have forgotten or do not have your BAZE University login credentials, kindly use your BAZE University Email and request for them from or come to Room A24 and get one from any of our able officers.

I forgot my Staff/Student portal password?

      Log in to your Student/Staff portal.
      Click on forgot password.
      Fill in your Staff ID / Studnt ID and submit.
      Await email on issue resolvement.
      Use the default password sent to your email to login.
      click on change password.
      Then, select your preferred password.

I forgot my Baze mail password?

      Log in to your Baze mail
      Click on forgot passwprd.
      Input an alternative mail to sent the default password
      If there is no way forward, submit a complain to the help desk

I cannot view my result?

      Clear with the finance office
      Log in to your Portal.
      Fill the evaluatuon form
      Then, submit
      You should be able to view your result now.


      BAZE University IT-Service Department offers a variety of trainings for staff and students, our trainings are scheduled on request by students or staff.
      To request for training, please fill the training complain form and select training from the complain type dropdown.

How can I submit my complain?

      Click on sign-in using Google on the navbar.
      Enter your Baze University email address.
      Then, click submit.
      Once your are logged in successfully.
      Click on submit complain to submit new complain.
      Fill in the necessary field and submit.
      Await email on issue resolvement.

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