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Below is our Service Portfolio

  • Network Administration: Ensure that the University’s Local Area Network (LAN), VPN and the Internet are in optimal performance; in case of downtime liaise with the service provider to restore the service within a very limited time
  • Software: In collaboration with other Faculties, Departments and Services Unit we ensure that the Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) for both intranet and the internet which is supporting the University’s operations (Application and admission, Registration, Examination and Grading, Attendance, Library, Hostel, Accounting, Human resources, and general staff and student management) are always available and consistent
  • Attendance: Ensure that proper attendance for all modules in the University are properly collected, calculated and communicated to the stakeholders (Staff, parents and students)
  • Timetable: Ensure that proper timetables (teaching and examination) are generated, managed and communicated to the staff and student at the right time
  • Examination: Part of the university policy is to maintain the integrity of the examination process, we oversee generation of Barcode answer script, ensure that right barcode are attached to the right student, and ensure that students biometrics are verified before and after the examination
  • University website: Oversee the university’s website and ensure that proper update is done at the right time
  • Learning support: Ensure that all classrooms multimedia tools (smartboards, projectors, audio devices, etc.) are in good condition
  • ELearning: Administration of the university eLearning portal for effective learning delivery
  • Email and Mailing list: Administration of University electronic mailing system, account creation, mailing list, update and maintain the system security.
  • Security: Ensure that University's CCTV and other security systems and gadgets are operational and in good condition
  • Intercom: Ensure that University’s internal communication system (PABX/IP) are running effectively and in case of any service disruption ensure that the system is fixed immediately
  • Power backup: Ensure that the university’s power backup system (inverter) is running at optimal performance
  • Training: Provide training in systems usage and access; and ensure that users are trained in a timely manner to effectively use University’s systems. Provide individual training and support on request and provide ICT orientation to all new staff and student
  • Collaboration and Networking: Collaborate and network with Universities locally and abroad for improvement of service delivery and knowledge sharing

The following sections describe our Services in detail


BITS organises computer courses for students at the undergraduate level in all disciplines, especially on Computer application. The courses are: Introduction to Computing (COM101) and Computing for Academic Skills (GEN110), the courses are compulsory for all Baze students and is part of the graduation requirements for undergraduate degree programmes.

BITS also, organise induction for all new Staff and Students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) to enable them integrate fully with all core and support department of the University. During the induction the participants are expose to Baze University Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP), the ERP services are available in the Intranet and the Internet infrastructure. The ERP services support all the Universities operations, from students Application to graduation, human resources management, account, etc.


We have a wide range of IT services for Staff and students which include:

  • A unique username and password that gives you access to the University’s network infrastructure.
  • A unique email address for each member of staff and student (Google Account) which integrated many services like Google Class Room, Drives, Calender, etc.
  • Personal and shared storage space on the University server.
  • Free access to the University network (Wired and Wireless) across the campus.
  • The Staff and Students Portal which provides a personalised view of the University's internet resources, application, registration, assessment and course grades, class and examination timetables and many other useful links.
  • IT advise and help 24/7.
  • Provide Computing Hardware, ranging from Desktop Computers, Laptop, Network Devices and Printers. We also ensure that these devices are always in optimal condition, in case of any damage ensure that they are properly restored to the previous consistent state

Google Account

Baze University is one of the first Universities in Nigeria to adopt Google applications as primary tool for collaboration between staff and students. All google accounts issues are integrated with the following applications

All Staff, Parents and Students have up to a 10 Tera Bytes storage in the google cloud which come along with Mail, Classroom, Calendars, Drives, Documents and other applications.Click here to access your Google Mail . Google applications are designed to be collaborative and enable you to work with your colleagues/classmates. Below is a summary of key services in google account:

  • Google Mail: Enblaes you to send/receives mail from staff, students and a list. account, with masses of storage, to keep for ever.
  • Google Classroom: Enables lecturers and Students to collaborate. The class room enables Lecturers to create and share course materials, create and grade coursework and create discussion board.
  • Google Calender: Organise your time and share dates with friends
  • Google Document: Share documents and work together, even when you’re not together.
  • Google Sites: Build your own web site for work or for play.
  • Google Talk: Chat for free and share files instantly.


The Help Desk provides support to the entire campus community.

The Help Desk is available to answer questions regarding any of the services that IT provides and any of the software applications that we support. They are able to assist with network configurations, software troubleshooting and training, email support and configuration, and more. The Help Desk staff uses remote tools as well as a shared knowledge base to help provide resolutions to reported issues as quickly as possible. All requests for assistance are documented in the Help Desk software. If the Help Desk is unable to resolve the issue, the ticket will be routed to the appropriate IT technician for resolution. The Help Desk makes every effort to respond to each request the same day it is received.

If you have any questions please contact our servicedesk team via or you can walk into our service desk secretariat at Room A23 or Control rooms in each building.


S/N Staff Name Email Address Designation
1 Kabiru Mohammed Ya'u Hardware Technician
2 Godspower Orovie Edafe System Analyst/Software Engineer II
3 Nafiu Inusa Hardware Technician
4 Umar Laminu Hardware Technician
5 Gidado Yushau Shuaib Digital Communications Specialist
6 Zainab Bawa Ibrahim System Analyst II
7 Rukayya Aliyu Ibrahim System Analyst/Software Engineer II
8 Abdulazeez Kanya Rislana Deputy Vice-Chancellor IT, Research and Innovation
9 Baba Ahmed Nasir Director IT Services
10 Faisal Salisu Data Processing Officer
11 Alhassan Abdulmutallib Senior System Analyst/Software Engineer
12 Abba Kabir Imam System Analyst/Software Engineer II
13 Sani Garga Muhammad Program Analyst II
14 Rakeeba Ahmed Bode System Analyst/Software Engineer II
15 Lawan Guba Aisha System Analyst/Software Engineer I
16 Habibat Omowumi Jimoh System Analyst/Software Engineer II
17 Ahmad Baba Idris System Analyst/Software Engineer II
18 Joel Joseph Atsekhagbor Higher Technical Officer
19 God'stime Atule Ubitogwale Higher Technical Officer
20 Haruna Ladan Administrative Officer I
21 Mohammed Audu Ochi Senior Data Processing Officer
22 Aliyu Ubale Nura Senior Data Processing Officer
23 Abdullahi Sani Data Processing Officer
24 Adam Yau Musa Data Processing Officer
25 Abubakar Alhassan System Analyst/Software Engineer II
26 Auwalu Isa Technician/Studio Attendant
27 Yahaya Danlarai Technician/Studio Attendant

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